Feb 102015

Trivia Crack Daily RevenueAs many people may already know Trivia Crack Daily Revenue has been dishing out some big numbers. Daily Revenue for iTunes is around $115,000 and it’s probably close to the same for Android. It seem America is a huge fan of trivia launching this app to the #2 spot for free games on iTunes and #1 for Android users.

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For iOS users it has become the 12th biggest earner for apps. Though 12 isn’t the best it’s still pretty impressive among the big earners. Things can get better as time goes on for a couple of reasons. The first reason would be the massive amount of questions in game. When I last check the count was somewhere near 150,000.

The second reason why this app will probably continue to gain popularity and Daily Revenue would be the ability for users to submit their own questions. This keeps the content fresh and new for players around the globe. Speaking of the globe Trivia Crack has an impressive amount of languages that it can be played in. This just adds to the wow factor making sure that many get to enjoy the fun.

I would take this as a learning lesson if your a developer. Try to make an app where users  can add fresh new content to your title and people will be less likely to get bored and more likely to get involved, especially if you offer up some Achievements and goals for incentive to do so. This would explain why others like multi-player sim builders and Minecraft clones are huge successes on mobile even when they suck big time.

I would expect to see Trivia Crack daily revenue continue to increase for months to come. I’m sure since the numbers above are suppose to be estimates the real numbers are much higher then made public.

What makes this app do so well? I would have to say the ease of use and easy to understand Rules. Next would be how they have forced many users to connect to social media where your required to add a Facebook account to change your Profile Picture. Then the want players to add to friends via FB before they can participate in certain ranking events. Though this type of behavior seems to be harms it looks like it’s very effective in spreading the Trivia.


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