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Trivia Crack Delete Account GuideThis is a short guide on how to delete an account in Trivia Crack. There are many reasons why someone wight want to delete an account in Trivia Crack. The main one would probably be to erase the stats on a bad run and do better.

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To delete an account you gonna have to remember a few things. If you signed in with an email address at first then it will forever be link to your stats. So to start fresh and new your gonna have to use a different email. This shouldn’t be that difficult since you can get free email through Yahoo and Google with ease. If your having a hard time signing up for another Google account on the PC using an android device should bypass the limit.

If you signed in with a social media account like Facebook and Twitter your going to have to unlink it before uninstalling the app. This can be done by tapping on the profile picture inside your setting, then selecting unlink next to the social names.

Once everything is unhooked uninstall the app, then reinstall it. You can use an app backup app to save Trivia Crack to your device so it doesn’t have to be downloaded again. This is great for saving bandwidth and staring games for later use.

Once installed sigh in with the new email or unlink social account and you should be good to go. Everything should be erased and back to a fresh and new stat board.

The only time you get to sign into Trivia Crack is at the initial start up screen when installing. You can uninstall the app and reinstall it again to sign back into past accounts. This can be done to let multiple people play on the same device with different account. Though this tactic is probably for the hard core as doing this is really inconvenient.

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