Feb 102015

Trivia Crack DeveloperThe Trivia Crack Developers are a company called Etermax. Their website is in Spanish because the headquarters is located in Mexico, specifically in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Trivia Crack was a huge hit there before it hit the states here in the US. I personally didn’t realize they had so many mobile device south of the border, but I guess you learn somethings everyday.

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Etermax has developed a few other apps you can download for free for iOS on iTunes and for Android at Google Play. Both distributors of the app have a free and paid version.

The developers have seem to do a great job in both promoting the game and offering some superb playability. Because users can submit there own questions this app is sure to keep growing and growing. Right now the question count is over 150,000 and I’m sure that it will get a lot higher as everyone offers things from there own interest and knowledge.

The Developers have to be pretty exited about there wonderful creation as well as filthy rich. This thing makes so much money that a few of them are sure to get kidnapped by Mexican cartels for ransom sooner or later. Hopefully they get it cleaned up down there so people are safer from bad deeds of others. If I was them I would move operations to the states where it’s probably safer, though I’m not really sure how safe the area is.

My guess is well see a lot of clones hitting the mobile gaming marked here soon. I myself have been wanting to create an app for some time now and thanks to Etermax I have a few more idea of how I would marked my creation.

With something like this we probably won’t see a second installment anytime soon as this thing seems to grow all by itself. When the Developers do I’m sure it will be a big hit for everyone who downloads it.

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