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Trivia Crack Endless LivesMost people are not going to be willing to spend $30 on Trivia Crack Endless Lives. Though if you think about it it’s about the price of what a game like this would cost in a brick and mortar shop. With endless lives you will be able to play constantly without having to wait an hour for each one to come back.

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Below are a few way to get close to unlimited lives without having to wait a bunch. If there is anything that you would like to add feel free to share it in the comments to help others.

The first thing to do would be to ask friends if you can have there left overs. Not everybody plays all the time and are sure to have Lives just sitting there not being used. The best time to ask others would be before they go to bed, work, school, and other times when you think someone might not be using them.

If you don’t have a Facebook account or are not getting that many friends to join you in Trivia Crack you can ask people in game. Just go over to the top left search function and type in some random names, then invite them like a thief in the night or a whole bunch at once. After a ton of folks have been added to your list you’ll official have a life pool. Now when you need a refill just spam away by asking others until you get things taken care of. When done right this can feel like Endless Lives.

Be careful not to be greed like a CEO and ask too much of someone. This will more than likely result in them never helping you again. Just get a huge list and start at on end and go down the list. There is definitely enough people in this app to not have to ask someone twice. Though you should keep track of the folks that do share as their probably more likely to do so in the future.

The second and probably most useful tactic is to play with multiple devices. Most people probably have 1 or 2 extra mobile devices laying around the house. Just start an account on these, add yourself to the friends list and gift yourself when ever the need arises. This is by far easier then having to rely on others for none stop playing as they are probably looking for the same thing.

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