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Trivia Crack Extra Lives CheatIf your looking for a Trivia Crack Extra Lives Cheat than you came to the right place. Below I will explain how to get extra lives without having to modify your device or use any potentially damaging apps or programs to do so. These are simply way the developers lets the player get extra lives and merely helping boost the profit.

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The easy way to cheat and get lives would be to use multiple devices. Most people have and extra deceive or 2 laying around the house. In my case I have at least three that I can think of off the top of my head. Now you”l just need to get another email address somewhere. There are free if you go through Google’s g-mail or Yahoo mail. If you have hit some kind of limit than just use another pc or device to sign up.

Now just install the app like normal on the new device and add yourself to the in-game friends list. Now when lives are available you can gift them to yourself.

If you don’t have another mobile device laying around the house there is still hope for you. What your going to want to do is add an absolute ton of people to your friends list in game. Now when you are running low you can ask others if they would give your their extra lives when there not using them.

Make sure that when you add people that you only send them 1 request at a time. Otherwise you could get labeled as a spammer and possible get your account deleted. Everything is good in moderation.

I have to admit that this isn’t really a cheat though it will help out a ton when trying to play longer than the developers would like you to for free. You could always pay the $30 to have endless lives but then that would probably defeat the purpose of way you where looking for this post in the first place.

If your still in need of some more help you can check out our Tips and Tricks for guidance in answering other questions many players have. I have to say this would be one game where cheating will probably not ruin game play beside maybe burning out a player faster without taking the break recharge which the time limit is meant to do.

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