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Trivia Crack for Computer and PCFor those of you looking for Trivia Crack on the Computer and PC I have some bad news. Normally Android apps are able to played on emulators like BlueStacks and AndY, but for some reason Trivia Crack refuses to work on them. Evey time I try and load it I get and error telling me that the program is outdated. The developers seem to have used some new kind of tech that these emulators cant understand yet. I wouldn’t count them out though as they could start working in the near future and you might get it for Computer and for PC.

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Since this app is so bent on getting users to sign in with Facebook you’d think that you could also play it on Facebook. This does not seem to be the case as the app has only been release for iOS and Android. This is probably a money thing as they are probably making more than they would if it were available on social media.

Right now the closest you’ll get to playing Trivia Crack on the PC or a computer would be to use mirror features to show the mobile devices picture on a monitor or TV screen. Until these programs are updated this is the best that I can offer.

I’m extremely surprised that there hasn’t been a huge breakthrough with playing mobile games on the PC. I’m sure it has something to do with selling lots of cell phones and making sure that as many people as possible can be racked and listened to 24/7. Though most new computers these days are sending all your information to the highest bidder and treasonous monitoring programs like the NSA.

We don’t see any of these corporate criminals facing any jail time. In fact it seems to be just the opposite. A means to an end that probably wont end that good for lots of people. Kind of unrelated but I continuously would here my front facing camera kick into effect until I put a piece of tap over it, then I have never hear it self activating again so I covered up the mic as well. Nothing to hide I just feel uncomfortable being spied on.

If you have any information that could help others in this situation feel free to share it in the comments below. In the mean time you might be interested in getting Endless Lives with spending money thanks to the sharing ability.

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