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Trivia Crack Free Lives Coupon CodeIf your looking for a Trivia Crack Free Lives Coupon Code I have some bad and good news for ya. The bad news is that nobody anywhere seems to have ever seen a coupon code. These things are a bit of a mystery and my guess is they are only given to special parties so they can get paid options for free.

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Many developers often gives codes away ion their social media outlets but I have yet to see any on Trivia Cracks pages. They are more than likely acquired from gift cards or given to business partners and friends and family of the developers.

The good news is there are a few ways to get free lives without having to pay with real money or waiting long time for them to recharge. The first method would be to ask people on your friends list if they would give you their unused lives as a gift. This can be hit and miss as others probably want to play as bad as you do.

To maximize on this free life giving you should send a ton of people friend request then spam the day lights out of them when you need more lives to play with. This is easier to do than you may think as players don’t have a choice in the beginning to who can add them. Not sure if you could get in trouble doing this so I would only send someone one message then move on to the next person.

My personal favorite method would be to use multiple devices to gift yourself. This is the best way to get free lives without having to wait and really on other people. Your going to have to get another email address to sign into Trivia Crack from the other mobile device, but that should be that hard since Google and Yahoo give them away for free with what seems to be an unlimited amount.

For more in depth instructions and other things to help you out visit our Tips and Tricks post for more things to help make this app more enjoyable.


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