Feb 122015

Trivia Crack Get More LivesMany people are probably wondering how to get more lives in Trivia Crack without having to wait a whole hour for each. There are a few thing you can do to speed things up and there is one special tactic to outright cheat. You can also spend real money at the in app store to raise the max to 5 or get Endless Lives in case you didn’t know.

The first thing will figure out is that you can gift others with your unused lives, but not past your max limit of 3. This should be done when you know that your not going to be playing for awhile. The easiest way to get free gifts from others is to add a load of people to your friends list. Then when your running low on lives just spam out a bunch of messages asking for help until your filled up again.

The good part about the above is that people don’t have a say in who adds them to a friends list or who sends them a message. I would try not to abuse the privilege or I’m sure you could get banned or reprimanded in some way or another.

The best time to ask others is when you think they wont be playing like before someone goes to school, work, or bed. Don’t be surprised to get shut down a lot as many are in the same boat as you.

Visit our Trivia Crack Wiki Guide for a ton more info.

My personal favorite way to get more lives is to install Trivia Crack an multiple devices, then add myself to the friends list and gift myself when running low. Depending on how many devices you have you will cut the wait time by a lot.

Most mobile games can be played on emulators like BlueStacks and AndY, but Trivia Crack doesn’t seem to work at all giving an error that the software is out of date. Maybe in the future the programs will get an update where you would be able to exploit this on a computer as well. Until then your going to have to rely on multiple account on different devices and hoping people have extra to share.

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