Feb 122015

Trivia Crack How To Change Profile PictureIf your wondering how to change the Profile Picture in Trivia Crack they have a few hoops they wont you to jump through first. Since your here looking for answers that probably means that you sighed in with an email address in stead of a social media account. In order to change your profile picture your going to have to connect a Facebook account.

It’s funny how there really isn’t any information pointing players in the right direction. You’d thing that a game that is so popular and hell bent on getting people to share it an social media would make things a little more clear for users. Unfortunately, like me many are looking all over the place for a solution.

If you don’t have a FB account and don’t plan on ever getting one than your gonna be out of luck and stuck with the default pic. It seems every mobile developer is too concerned with trying to squeeze users into things that benefit them through manipulative tactic. It’s kind of getting old as it seems harder and harder to find truly fun mobile games.

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After you have linked up a FB account you can then control your pic by changing the one showing on your FB. There are also a few options inside the Trivia Crack settings that will allow the play to hide their pic, name, and social sharing encase you don’t want to share it with the large amount of strangers your bound to be playing with.

Trying to link a Twitter account will have no effect on the profile picture, but could be an option in the future, though I’m guessing it probably wont be. There are a few ranking systems that wont you to add 10 friends via FB before your able to participate.

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