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Trivia Crack How To Get More LivesThis short post will go over How To Get More Lives in Trivia Crack. With a basic installation without any purchase upgrade you’ll get a max of 3 lives. Each life takes 1 hour to recharge before it can be used again.

Visit our Trivia Crack Wiki Guide for more info.

Besides waiting you can ask other to gift you there extra lives when their not playing with them. This can be hit and miss as other probably want to play just as much as you do. You best chance of being successful at this it to add a bunch of people from in game.

Then just send out a bunch of messages to everyone asking for some hand outs when your in need. Keep track of those who often help you out and those who don’t so you don’t have to waste a bunch of time sending messages for no reason.

Be sure not to abuse the privilege or people that would normally help you might get tired of the begging and kick you off their friend list or block you. There is plenty of folks playing this game so it shouldn’t hard to find somebody else that is willing to share.

The next best thing to get more lives would be to install Trivia Crack on another device, sign in with a different email address, and then gift your self. You’ll have to wait for the other app to recharge just like yours, but it will pretty much double the max lives you can have and shorten the recharge time by half.

You could even take it a step further by installing it on even more devices potential giving your self unlimited lives for long hours of play. This could get on the overwhelming side though if its on too many deceives though I’m sure for some there just isn’t enough.

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