Dec 082015

Trivia Crack Kingdoms Profile Picture GuideA Trivia Crack Kingdoms Profile Picture Guide for those having any issues or questions. Like the past few titles this game requires a Facebook account to be linked for customization of Avatar.

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Profile Picture Guide – Trivia Crack Kingdoms

Change Picture/Avatar

If you want to change your picture in game than your gonna need a Facebook account. Then you’ll have to change the picture on the actual FB and wont be able to do it in Trivia Crack Kingdoms which makes things even more complicated. The process is a little bit of a hassle and forces normal users into getting a FB account, though the default avatar isn’t too bad besides getting stuck with random, boys with girls colors is bad for trivia moral.

Initiating Rant Protocol… From a usability stand point they have to be loosing users to this huge issue of force the pic, something good happening on FB. Your pretty much saying stop playing my game when you put huge hurdles in things that are suppose to be fun. It has to be part of some government awareness tracking algorithm like a giant IQ test filling a NSA data base somewhere with your personality and awareness level, maybe. Pretty sure the CIA own the big social media like ISIS recruiters that can’t seem to adjust algorithms to deter terrorism or just another hoax to shift attention that ISIS is really just military in masks with Holly Wood skills. If we only had laws for the big criminals, CEOs and politicians out there hurting everything for money, please help us nature.

Games are supposed to be fun, now everyone just wants a big house and fancy cars. Hold on I think I heard a heart refill, nope, never mind, false alarm. Heart rate is kinda good though, after awhile as you soon have more than you can handle when it comes to games to play, plus the setup is more entertaining and skillish.

Hide Picture and Name

If you have a Facebook account linked up you may not want to display your picture for a number of different reasons. Your name and picture can be hidden from public view by tapping the gear icon in the upper right corner of the profile section once the menu is pulled down to reveal your pic. This menu also seems to be on the hidden side.

In here you’ll also find the options to turn of notifications and sounds with a help sections for a broader understand of rules and gameplay.

Here’s a growing Achievements List since the one in game is a secret.

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