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Trivia Crack NotificationsOn December 13, 2014 Trivia Crack finally got notifications. I find it hard to believe that this wasn’t something that was implemented in the first place. It must have been outside of the developers ability until they got around to adding it to the game.

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In most game notifications are usually more of a nuisance and set up to get you to play more often. In Trivia Crack they are essential for making sure that games move along faster for everyone involved. I cant imagine having to consistently check to see if someone has taking there turn yet.

Notifications seem to have been the deal breaker as December was there biggest month for iTunes and Google Play. Putting in the needed feature seem to take the developers to the next level when it came to earnings.

They have included a few more option then normal so you can turn them completely off, change the sound, and use vibrations when new messages appear. This is helpful as there are a ton of reasons why someone might need to adjust them one way or another.

If your wondering how to turn off notification you just need to go into your setting. Now just turn off all the option and you should never have to worry about things popping up when you don’t want them to.

The next thing they need to fix is that dang Profile Picture. Making us have to link up a Facebook account to use something that is so basic and should be part of the original features is kind of on the snaky side. It seem though that many mobile developers have all kinds of trip you up tactics to squeeze every little bit of earning out of the thing. What ever happened to making fun games? It seem like most of the are dumbed down for profit.

For those of you who still have  a few questions as to how things work or how to get ahead check out our Tips and Tricks for more info.

Trivia Crack Notifications Settings

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