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Trivia Crack Power UpsTrivia Crack Power Ups are an essential part of the game and a big help when it comes to beating an opponent. Power Ups must be used before answering a question and cost coins to use. You can’t stack the effect of multiple powers or you would be able to get every question right which would probably take all the fun out of the game.

As a general rule you should hold on to power up for those situation where you really need them. These would include the winning question or other situations where you feel there use would be important. To get coins you’ll have to win matches in Classic and Challenge mode. For easy coins you can install the app on multiple devices and play yourself letting the other loose easy.

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Trivia Crack Power Ups

Bomb – When using the bomb you will take away 2 of the wrong answers. This gives you a 50% chance to get the correct answer. This is one of the more useful ones unless you get stuck with options that are still hard to pick the right choice.

Extra Time – When using this guy you’ll add another 20 seconds to the clock. It isn’t that much time to work with but could be helpful in a lot of situations. Can make things better if your trying to find answers on Google and need just a little more time.

Double Chance – Give you a chance to try again after getting the first choice wrong. Works great for when your on the fence with a couple answers. This does not stack with Bomb which would leave only the right answer left and give an unfair advantage to those with lots of coins.

Skip – If your not sure what the answer is you can skip to the next question. Probably the most powerful Power Up as you can just keep skipping until you find something you know. Plus, since this only cost 3 coins it can be used often without to much of a hit to the bank.

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Trivia Crack Power Ups Guide

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