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Trivia Crack Profile Picture GuideYour Trivia Crack Profile Picture is by default a colored globe when you first log into the app with email. At this point you might be wondering how to change the profile picture, especially if its a color that’s not so motivating. This Guide will help you through the steps of configuring everything.

For some odd reason there just isn’t enough information guiding in the right direction of what to do next. Seeing that everybody else has something unique and not being able to find the option to change it can seem frustrating. Below I’ll go over the different aspects and options available.

To use or make any changes the app must be connected to the internet.

How To Change Profile Picture or Avatar Guide

If your wondering how to change your profile picture or avatar, first a Facebook account must be linked.  Once this is done your new pic will be the same one on your Facebook account.

Folks that have logged in with there email instead may have been wondering why they can’t edit their profile photo. You simply took a wrong turn in the beginning or do not have a FB account. Here’s how to get back on track:

  1. Go to Profile, then Facebook.
  2. Select Link your Facebook account
  3. Enter FB login info like normal to attach app

You’ll then be asked to give Trivia Crack permission to connect to FB. Then, one more final time the app will ask if you really want to do this, choose accept.

Now when visiting your profile the pic will have changed to your FB one. To edit this it must be done from the FB side and cannot be switch inside the app. There are a few things that can be done to help with privacy.

Profile Picture Options and Settings

Because you may not want to share your personal photos with everyone in the game there are some options that allow control over this. Going into Settings will now have a few more options to choose from:

  • Show My Name – This will hide your real name attached to the FB account. This can be good for people who want more privacy while playing. There are also a ton of other reasons why someone may need this.
  • Show my Photo – Switch back to the default option.
  • Post activity – Stop the app from posting thing to social media. Good for keeping what your doing from others like playing at work or when your suppose to be sleeping and other forms of controlled environments.

Unlink Accounts

Once everything is up and running you can choose to unlink any social accounts that have been connected to the app. The email is the only permanent thing that stays connected to stats and history.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Account Thumbnail
  3. Select what to Unlink at the bottom

This can also be undone be reconnecting things again. Unlinking will have to be done when starting over with a new account. Make sure to do this before uninstalling the app so you can re-connect again with fresh install.

No Facebook Account

If you have no FB then their will be no way to have a custom avatar.

Signing in with Twitter will not let you use there pic. FB is the only way to get a custom picture. By not doing anything you’ll be stuck with the default color given at the initial log in.

Trivia Crack Profile Picture after connecting Facebook


There are none really unless you have things that really increased moral or throw off opponents somehow. Having the ability to share with friends easier can add to the enjoyment of playing with others.

Being stuck with what they give in the beginning isn’t all that bad. You can still fully complete the app making it onto top player lists. It will in now way hold the player back from enjoying this game to the fullest.


Will not be able to compete with friend with social media. This includes list where you would have ranked among them. This is good for sizing up a buddies knowledge of life. The Weekly Ranking will open up when 10 friends are invited which could also be a multiplayer set back.


It seems the developers have chosen to do this on purpose in order to force users into sharing on social media. This would indicate that its one of there most effective tools for advertising and to increase downloads.

Having a game that’s super addicting can offer many avenues to maximizing profits. In this case it seems to be geared lots on getting traffic which makes sense. Most of their profit comes from people buying currency, lives, spins, clicking on ads and making it ad free.

Slightly Off Topic

Since this game is so massively popular and users can submit their own questions I wonder if any real gems make it through. For example, many diseases (like Cancer) are cured today and don’t require treatments. Do these cure questions make it through the filter?

If you have a question just ask Google and I bet you’d be surprised what might be learned. On really important questions it can be best to look past the first few search results of propaganda, especially when it comes to medical issues.

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  1. I am connected to Facebook. Cannot send lives or extra spins to friend

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