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Trivia Crack RulesThese are the Trivia Crack Rules broken down and explained in more detail. For the most part this game is pretty simple to get down in the beginning, but you might want more of an explanation and guide to make sure your getting the rules.

There aren’t that many rules for Trivia Crack with the biggest limitations coming from waiting to get more lives and not knowing something. There are six categories including Art (Red Brush), Science (Green Vile), Sports (Orange Football), Entertainment (Pink Popcorn Bucket), Geography (Blue Globe) and History (Yellow Knight).

Trivia Crack Rules

New Game

When ready to start playing choose the New Game button from the main screen. This will bring up a few options that must be selected before moving on and are as follows:

Select Game Language – This can be used to change the language of the questions, but not the entire game. By default most of Trivia Crack is in English. Choose More for a much larger list of selections. This can be changed permanently by tapping your Profile Picture in Settings and selecting a different Nationality if you initially chose the wrong language.

Game Mode – The player has 2 choices here, Classic and Challenge. Each one will use 1 life when the game is started.

Classic – The longer main version of Trivia Crack where you face off against 1 other person who is a friend or random stranger. Play for 25 rounds and collect all of the characters to win.

How To Play Classic: Spin the wheel at the beginning of each round to answer questions from the category landed on. Use a Extra Spin to try again. When landing on the Crown symbol you’ll only need to get the next question right to win the round and get a character.

Each question that’s answered right consecutively will give a segment in the crown meter on the bottom of the screen. When the 3 segments are filled up you’ll have to get a fourth question right to win a character or steal one of your opponents in a Challenge. When all 6 characters are obtained the player wins the match and the game is over. The winner will then receive a reward of coins based on how well they did.

If nobody has enough characters by the end of the 25th round the person with the most wins. If someone forfeits the match the other person will automatically be the winner.

During final segment rounds you will get a chance to steal the opponents characters instead of earning your own. This tactic is good for holding someone back when their about to win or keeping them at the bottom by taking their winnings.

Getting an answer wrong causes the round to be lost, but keeps all the progress towards a new character. The initial time limit for a question is 30 seconds, but can be raised with the Extra Time power up.

Challenge – A short game where your faced of against friends or random people. Everyone has to answer the same questions and are limited by time. These are much faster than Classic and will also use up more lives at a quicker rate. The amount of opponents can is random so you could play with many or a few folks. The more there are the more you’ll win when getting the most right.

Opponent – This is where you can choose who you want to play with.

  • Friends – To use this option a you’ll need to have friends from in-game or a Facebook account needs to be connected. To add friends in-game simply click on their profile and tap the Add button. They don’t have to accept anything and are added to your friends list right away.
  • Random – Play with random people from around the world. You never know who it might be. (TIP) This can be good for winning more easily. Once you find an opponent who is easy to beat keep playing them for better stats.


You start out with a max amount of 3 lives. Each type of game played will use 1 life and each will take 1 hour to recharge. The limit can be increase to 5 or an Endless amount buy purchasing these options in the Shop. Endless lives means you can play freely without ever having to wait for more to regenerate.

Though a limit of 3 may seem small at first, game can carry on for days making it seem like a more reasonable number. Since games can last for 3 days a person could play many at once over the course of a few days. Trying to play without any hearts will trigger a message saying “You ran out of lives”.

Gain more live by having others share their extra with you. You could also install the app on another device and gift yourself. The only other options are to wait or pay for them.


Coins are primarily used to purchase Power Ups while answering questions. Coins can be earned by winning different game modes and completing Achievements. Coins can also be purchased in the Shop for varying amounts. They often have specials with reduced pricing which might be worth holding off until a good deal is found.

Depending on how well you do in a match more or less coins will be obtained upon completion. Quitting a game will not earn any coins, even if some things were completed.

Going through he Achievements List and seeing what it has to offer can help focus on getting the nearest ones for easy coins.

Extra Spins

Extra spins are used to try again when spinning the wheel to select a category. You’ll start the game with 3 and will have to purchase them for more. A max of 1 can be used at a time. These can be very helpful when it comes to landing on the Crown more often.

Power Ups

Power Ups are bonuses that make getting the right answer easier. Each one cost coins to use while playing and should be used sparingly. It may be best to save and use these in crucial situations where they will be needed most.

Bombs (Red) – The bomb will blow up 2 answers leaving 2 behind. This gives the player a 50% chance to answer right.

Extra Time (Blue Clock) – At time to the clock so you’ll have 15 seconds longer to answer a single question.

Double Chance (Green Circle) – Gives you another chance to answer after getting the question wrong. Must be used before answering the first time. Does not stack with bomb which would let you get every answer right by using 2 power ups.

Skip (Purple Arrow) – Use this to move onto another question when you have no clue what the answer is.


These can be turned off and on in the profile settings. Very handy for knowing when your up next, but can thankfully be turned off for those quiet situations. The developer offers a few more choices for this than lots of others out there.

Being able to adapt to many situations is the key. When an app does this for me I feel warm inside. Every once in a while I’ll download something that has no option to turn off notifications which makes deleting the app hard to avoid.

No Ads

Players who wish to remove the ads that show up while playing can do so by purchasing the Trivia Crack (Ad Free) version. Thankfully they are not as intrusive as other apps out there.

Tip, Tricks and Breaking the Rules

– Try to save coins, spins and power up for when you really need them. They will be most needed when trying to obtain characters.

– 30 seconds is long enough to find what your looking for by doing a quick Google search. Try to use keywords that stick out to get quicker higher ranking results. Probably works best when there is a computer near by. Switching between apps could mess things up or cause lag which would take up valuable time on the clock. This could be called cheating, but nobody said it wasn’t open book.

– Replay people who are easy to beat in order to increase stats in a good way. Replay harder opponents to get better and push yourself.

– Have friends give you their extra lives when their not using them. Works best when someone won’t be playing for awhile. If there is an extra device laying around simply install Trivia Crack on it and gift yourself. The more the merrier.

– Coupon Codes seem to be one of the hardest things to get a hold of in this app. Everywhere I look I can’t seem to find any. My guess is they offer coupon codes on there social media pages like Facebook and Twitter, but I haven’t seen any yet. They could also be for reimbursement of lost currency or from the developers themselves given to special people like family and business partners. There is a ton of fake websites claiming to have some when what you really get in nothing but hot air. I’ll keep an eye out and if I do spot any coupon codes I’ll be sure to list them here and other places on this blog.

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  1. How do you submit questions? I saw you can earn more coins by submitting them but I don’t know how.

    • You can submit questions only on a mobile device like an iPhone or iPad. You can’t do it on a desktop. On your mobile device, open Trivia Crack. Click on the three lines at the bottom right of the screen. Then click on “Question Factory.” Then you will see “Suggest Questions.”

  2. I play on Facebook. I’m being urged to get cards. What are they for? How do I use them?

  3. How do you edit questions submitted and pending approval? I did not realize how to indicate the correct answer when I submitted one.and see that it has the wrong answer.

  4. Please pay attention to the proper use of your and you’re(you are); their and they’re(they are) and ad vs. at. Grammar problems make sentences difficult or unintelligible. Thanks for all your tips! They’re going to be useful I know!

  5. How do u reject if u do not want to play? It seems not answering yields a did not answer in time and a win for the opponent.

  6. I can’t get to the free spin icon when playing a game on my phone. Is there something I need to know?

  7. I can’t get to free spin icon when playing a person on phone. Am I missing something?

  8. Not sure who wrote this but the grammar makes my eyes bleed and I’m French!

    Your = You’re

    Not 30 seconds anymore, it is 20.

  9. I am being urged to change my question. The reason is not given and for the life of me, cannot figure out how to edit. Using an ipad. Appreciate help

  10. I have 60 lives. How do I use those lives?

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