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Trivia Crack Tips and TricksBelow is a growing list of Trivia Crack Tips and Tricks to help out during gameplay. These Tips and Tricks can be updated daily so be sure to check back in the near future for more info.

If there is anything that you would like to share feel free to leave it in the comment below. If there is stuff your still not sure about check out are Rules post for a better grasp of things.

In case your unaware, this app is one of the most popular in the US right now. Before hitting the states it was a huge hit in Mexico. It kind of took everyone by storm and just keeps ticking. The combination of a seemingly endless supply of questions and the options for users to submit their own seems to be very effective.

Trivia Crack Tips and Tricks

How To Add Friends

If your wondering how to add friends there are 2 ways to go about it. The first way is to click on other players pictures and enter their stats area. From here you’ll be able to add them with the large button on the left. They will have no say in the matter at first and are added without their permission.

The second way is to connect a Facebook account and request others to join. They will then have to instal the app before they can fully be added to your friends list.

Alternatively there is a search function on the top right of the screen where folks can be found by there name. Once someone joins your list they can leave or block you at any time so try not to misbehave, especially around strangers, unless that what your into.

How To Change Profile Picture

This can be tricky for people who log in with their email initially. You’ve probably been all over the place trying to figure out how to change the default Profile Picture. All you have to do is connect a Facebook account, then the pic will change to the one on your FB page.

To do this tap the menu bottom in the top left of the screen and select Facebook. Now tap sink account and follow the instructions. This can be unlinked again by going into Settings, tapping on your Profile Thumbnail, then selecting unlink.

If you don’t have a FB account then you’ll be stuck with the default pic forever. Since signing up for FB is free you could do so to help get along better or remove a possible bad color for the default pic.

Unfortunately, using Twitter will not change your pic, but can be great for communicating with others.

How To Delete Accounts

For many reasons a person might want to know how to delete their Trivia Crack game. For most it might be that stats weren’t looking so good and you’d like to start over fresh and new. This can be done, but there are a few tips to remember before doing so.

  1. Make sure to unlink any social media accounts that were attached to the app. Not doing so will keep them attached to the old profile and cause them to not be linkable to the new account.
  2. Uninstall the app, then reinstall it. Alternatively you could use a backup app so you don’t have to download Trivia Crack again.
  3. Use a different email address to sign in with. If you don’t then the old stats will show up with the new installation. If one wasn’t used in the first place it should be now or things will change back to the old save when hooking up social media.

If you had signed in with Facebook or others beside email they will more than likely pull up the old stats too. You will then have to use a new email, then attach social media once inside the game.


Coins can be hard to come by so holding on to them until there really needed is advised. A good Tips or Tricks would be to save coins for those do or die moments when about to win a match or gain a character.

Coins can be obtained by winning both Classic and Challenge game modes. The better you do in Classic the more you’ll get when winning. In Challenge mode you’ll get more coins the more player compete in the match. Though earning can’t always be calculated to a desired amount the trick is to get as much right as possible.

Achievements are the second best way to earn coins. Some of the easier Achievements can be completed quickly while others will take a very long time. It’s best to read through the list and stay focus on a couple at a time to keep the ball rolling. Many will be earned by simply playing like normal.

So far there doesn’t seem to be any free offers available to get coins, spins, and other bonuses.

Answers and Cheating

Right now there are a few people trying to make list of all the questions and answers so you can search them and find what your looking for. At best these are more like learning guides as there not set up to find quick answers, but more to rank in search and get traffic.

30 seconds to answer a question is long enough to type keywords into Google and find the correct answer. What you’ll need to do is have a browser on a PC or other device ready for searching. Then type in small parts of the questions that would bring up the best result.

It may take a little practice, but after a little practice you should be getting most things right. This can be a very good tactic for getting the Smarty and Genius achievements which will be some of the hardest to earn.

Keep in mid that there are over 150,000 different questions. This list is continuously growing as users can submit new ones and do in large amounts every day.

Easy Targets and Easy Wins

When playing against random people your bound to come across those who have a horrible time getting things right (me). You can add these unsuspecting individuals to the friends list and replay them over and over for easy wins. After awhile everyone is bound to stop going along with the loss streak though.

The opposite is also true. If there is an opponent that’s completely destroying you or a person that just can’t be beat keep playing them for a challenge. After all, they say to get better at a lot of things you have to play someone better.

More Lives

One of the biggest things that will hold you back in Trivia Crack is having to wait for more lives to regenerate. With a max of 3 you’ll probably run out pretty fast. The max can be increase to 5 or Endless by purchasing them in the Shop. If you buy Endless lives you’ll be able to play over and over consistently without running out and having to wait. Spending real money might not be your idea of fun though so below I’ll show how to get more lives faster.

  • Ask folks on your friends list and people you know to share their extra lives when their not using them. This could be before they go to bed, school and work. Probably the easiest way to get free lives. The better your relationship with them the more they’ll be willing to share so don’t burn those bridges.
  • Add a bunch of friends then send out a message to all of them asking for their left overs. This one is geared more towards people that you don’t know. Adding friends in-game is extremely easy and they don’t have a choice at first to reject you. Getting out of hand with this tactic could get you banned from playing so don’t go overboard and get super spammy.
  • Use multiple devices to gift yourself when running low. It seems that everyone these days has a few extra mobile devices laying around. Just Install the app on it, sign in with a new email address and send yourself some hearts when you need them.

Power Ups

Power Ups can be the difference between getting something right or wrong. To use them you’ll have to spend coins that are earned through various ways in-game. The best practice is to hold on to the and use them sparingly. They aren’t cheap and you’ll never know when one will be needed the most.

Bombs (Red) – The bomb remove 2 answers leaving 2 behind giving the player a 50% chance to get it right. Probably my top pick when I’m not sure what to choose. This does not stack with Double Chance bellow or you would be able to get every question right taking a lot of the fun out of the game.

Extra Time (Blue Clock) – Gives you 15 seconds longer on a single question. This isn’t that much time, but can come in handy in a  lot of situations. Wont necessarily raise your chances of getting something right which make it probably the least useful Power Up.

Double Chance (Green Circle) – Double Chance gives you another try after getting something wrong. Must be used before answering the first time. This one works great when your on the fence about something. I don’t know how many times I was sure it was 1 of 2 and then pick the wrong option. These are really handy to have around. Does not stack with bomb above which would let you get every answer right by using 2 power ups.

Skip (Purple Arrow) – Use this to move onto another question when you have no clue what to choose. Like Extra Time this one isn’t that useful much of the time. This is best used when you really need it and are stuck on something really hard.


There are 6 categories to choose from during gameplay and they include: Art (Red Brush), Science (Green Vile), Sports (Orange Football), Entertainment (Pink Popcorn Bucket), Geography (Blue Globe) and History (Yellow Knight). New players can find it hard to determine what is what so I color coded them for ya. It’s best to try and stick with what you know though you’ll have to play all of them to win.

Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes are one of the most illusive things in this app. It seems that nobody has ever seen one or at least shared the moments with others online. Usually developers will periodically post them on their social media outlets, but I have yet to find any coupon codes there.

I’m guessing these must come from some kind of in-store purchase like a gift card. Alternatively, the Coupon Codes feature is probably there so the devs can give family, friends, and corporate interests special bonuses or complete access with spending a penny. This is only speculation though as I’m really not certain. Be sure to check back here in the future cause when I do find them I’m gonna tell everyone!

Ad Free Version

I have to say that the ads in this app are pretty easy to deal with. Nothing too invasive or popping up every seconds. Still the developers offer a way to remove them by purchasing the Ad Free version of the app. Here are the links to do so for Google Play and iTunes. The cost isn’t that much at just  a few dollars which is reasonable. This will also use less bandwidth (Slightly) if your on a limit and don’t want to go over.

More Apps from the Developer

Etermax, the developer of Trivia Crack, has a few more apps that you may find fun and interesting. They are probably not as popular as this one since it seems to be on many #1 lists, but they will probably tickle your fancy and keep you entertained a little bit more on this rock. The list includes Word Crack, Bingo Crack, and Aworded. Here are the links to find them on Google Play and iTunes. Unfortunately, Bingo is not available for iPad though iPhone users can play it.

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