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Trivia Crack Wiki GuideTrivia Crack Wiki and Guide with growing info on various features. This Wiki Guide can be updated daily so be sure to check back in the near future for added content. It’s a little different than the official Wikia as not just anyone can edit it. Information can be left in the comment though in this Wiki so feel free to do so.

This is officially the most popular at in the United States at the moment. It started in Mexico and after becoming a huge success there it was almost inevitable to hit the states. Right now it’s the #1 free app on both Google Play and iTunes and looks like it might be there for awhile.

Trivia Crack Wiki Guide

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Trivia Crack requires an online connection to the internet at all time. Gameplay is a lot like other trivia games in the sense that your gonna be answering a ton of questions. Right now there are over 150,000 with the list growing from users being able to submit their own. For a more detailed view of what things do check out our Rules section.

There are 6 categories to choose from which include: Art (Red Brush), Science (Green Vile), Sports (Orange Football), Entertainment (Pink Popcorn Bucket), Geography (Blue Globe) and History (Yellow Knight). The questions can vary from easy to difficult depending where you may be at in a game and what your level is. These are not necessarily determiners of difficulty though and things can get easier are harder on a random basis.

There are 2 game modes that can be played, Classic and Challenge:

  • Classic Mode consist of a 25 round face off against a friend or random person. Each turn you’ll have to get so many questions right before awarded with 1 of 6 characters. Once a player receives all 6 character they will win the game. If the 25th round is reached before either player collects all characters the one with the most will win. Players can choose to earn their own characters or steal their opponents during gameplay. Games have a time limit of 3 days to complete though they can be completed relatively fast if both players are continuously playing.
  • Challenge Mode is a quicker version of gameplay that can take around 7 minutes to finish when taking your time on questions. You’ll play against random people or those on your friends list and have to answer 12 questions each. The person who answers the most right in the end wins. Depending on how many people participated in the match the coin winning can be bigger or smaller.

Coins are the only currency in Trivia Crack used to buy Power Ups during questions. You can get coins for free be winning Classic and Challenge games along with completing Achievements. Coins can also be purchased with real money at the in-game Shop.

Power Ups can be bought with coins during questions to give you an upper hand on tough ones. They will allow you to remove 2 answers, answer again if the wrong one is selected, add 15 seconds to the clock, or skip the question entirely. These will probably be the biggest help through out gameplay. They are also kind of hard to come by since coins are limited for free players and should be saves for when you really need them, like tough and do or die questions.

Extra Spins are a hard to come by commodity. You’ll start the game with 3, but will have to buy more with real money at the Shop. Extra Spins allow the player to spin again if they land on a category they don’t want to play. These can help out  a ton when trying to land on the Crown symbol which catapults you to the character winning or stealing question.

Lives are need to play and without them you’ll have to wait 1 hour each from them to recharge. In the beginning you’ll have a max of 3 which can be increased to 5 or Endless by purchasing those options in the Shop. Lives can also be gifted to others when not being used. The best way to get free lives without waiting is to ask friends to send them your way when their not using them or to use multiple devices and gift yourself.

Levels can be increased by gaining experience from completing and winning matches. Levels are a way to size up an opponent and gain coins through achievements. They also give the player something to work towards and focus on which in turn will cause you to play more. Other than that there is really any other use for levels.

Coupon Codes are a very illusive and mystical feature that most have yet to understand. So far we have been unable to locate any coupon codes or anyone that has used them. More than likely there are purchased in stores as gift card items or given to special parties so they can get paid features for free. If you know any codes or have any information regarding them feel free to share it in the comments.


Trivia Crack is such a popular app that it is able to be played in just about every language on the planet. The language can be chosen when first installing the app. In case you made a mistake you can always change it to whatever you want inside the setting.

The only set back is only the question will change. The rest of the app will always be in English. With the popularity of this app I would be surprised to see this change to be more user friendly to other nationalities.

Profile Picture

Many people who signed in using their email in the beginning might be wondering how the heck to change the default profile pic. This can only be done by linking a Facebook account. Once linked up you can choose whether or not to show your FB pic and name or not.

Some of the options are kind of hidden which can make it hard for some to handle social linking. Check out our Profile Picture Guide to get all the ins and outs. It seems the systems is gear to get as many people as possible sharing on social for the free advertising benefits and is probably why this app has been so successful besides by fun.

Question Factory

The Question Factory is located in the top right main menu and lets users submit and grade already submitted questions. This is a new approach that lets users increase the content of an app and seems to be working really well.

If you are able to get something submitted and voted into the game your name and picture will show up under the question each time it shows up in the game. This could be great for free advertising if you know what I mean.

There are a few achievements related to the Question Factory that’s sure to get many involved.


Right now there are a few websites trying to list all of the answers for every question. So far the list are both far from finish and extremely hard to navigate in a way for it to be helpful while playing.

The best tactic for finding answers when your no sure is to Google them. Having a browser ready on a another device or PC is advised as switching between screens to do this can take to long and kick the app from memory.

Try to use a few keywords without typing in the whole question. You should be able to find what your looking for pretty easily. The 30 seconds they give you initially is definitely enough to get this done in time though you’ll probably only have time for 1 or 2 searches. It’s gets easier with a little practice. If you have ever played someone who seems to get everything right they were probably doing this same thing.

Developer and Download Links

Trivia Crack was developed by Etermax who also made Word Crack, Bingo Crack and Aworded. Here are the links to find them on Google Play, iTunes, Facebook and the Amazon App Store. Unfortunately, Bingo is not available for iPad though iPhone users can still play it. None of their other apps seem to be even slightly close to as popular as this one is though they’re definitely worth checking out. Visit Etermax on social media at Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Release Dates

iOS October 26, 2013
Android October 26, 2013
Amazon App Store May 17, 2014
Windows Phone September 18, 2014.

BlueStacks and AndY

For many users wanting to play apps on their PC or Mac BlueStacks and AndY have been doing a great job of helping people do just that. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t seem to work properly due to what seems to be outdated parts in the emulator software. Future updates may fix the issue as more new games will probably have issues like these.

Daily Revenue

Trivia Crack is supposedly making hundreds of thousands of dollars every day putting it at the top of many top earning lists. Probably one of the main reasons Apple has set an all-time earnings record. So far they have yet to cash in on an Official Wiki at Wikia or any kind of website which is fine by me.

With that said it’s probably effecting the revenue of other businesses trying to make cash selling there own games in brick and mortar shops. I bet we’ll see a ton of developers and companies switch to a user submit style like this app has been so successful with.

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