May 062016

Veterans Hospital Murder Factory Military Reduction CenterThe Sioux Falls Veteran Hospital is a murder factory used to kill veterans because some occupying force doesn’t want power of the people or military experience walking around healthy. There are no cures in the VA only slow torture from fake knowledge terrorist quacks. Anyone big supporting the VA including goverment leaders are committing TREASON. The gov leaders especially know the game and keep their mouths shut for a nice little pay check. mike rounds, john thune and other good old boys of South Dakota (KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!) have no problem hosting cafe meetings with the public while they help speed the progression of same side military removal.

Bay of the Pigs was a huge removal of humans that were hardened by war and if they didn’t die on the beach the US government made sure they die at home. This happened at the end of World War 2 and looks just like they wanted to get ride of tons of people. Apparently, we are in WW3 currently so we could expect the same. Big killing war where tons of people die then when the end is near expect a huge purge of military and civilians. Makes most countries look like huge threats to nature like the leadership should be removed immediately.

Sioux Falls VA Social Media

How The VA Murdered My Family


He was a vacation when he started to have really bad stomach pains so they took him to the Sioux Falls Veteran Hospital. They opened him up a fixed the problem right? Far from it, more like a CIA hit. They twisted his guts up so bad that he eventually developed dementia with they said was Alzheimers. After 20 years of not being able to speak, walk or even communicate they let my grandma know that it wasn’t Alzheimer, but twisted guts from another failed wannabe quack doctor assassination, another success.


My dad is currently on his death bed an thanks to the VA he has know chance of recovery. They wait as long as they can to deliver treatment so the condition gets worse or hopefully they just die. But then if they don’t die they’ll perform a surgery by some pervert in a white coat that has to Google his procedure because it’s too high or drunk. You can forget about recovery at this point. There is know way they will give the best nutrition possible for recovery of an unnecessary surgery which again causes death over short/long from a body trying to heal from a wild animal attack.


My mom works for the VA and I have to say her mental ability has went down dramatically in the last year. You can bet they have on sight poison additives in the water like Walmart, but I would go with the vaccines. If you know what happened at a VA, especially one run by birth defects you would wonder why it’s not shut down. How else would we get ride of people that might hep other people to do whats right and not just make money like a blind rat.

Step Dad

Brian was recently murdered by the Sioux Falls VA care by using treatments for things that have cures.I overheard him talking to a doctor on the phone and the lady sounded like one of the stupidest people I have ever heard and it was a VA doctor. Brian got murdered by kids with fake educations. Don’t want to have marine snipers running around when people are don’t with there leaders.

How did he die? He had a heart attack while driving back from a friends house 2 blocks away from home. The sheriffs kept showing up absolutely puzzled by his death. I truly believe that the military killed him with some ind of satellite heart attack gun or something of the like.

Other VA Experience

I know personally that most doctors at the VA and hospital are absolutely riddled with health problems and broken lives. Would you get health advice from a cripple doctor? Doesn’t that sound like a huge flag? Does you doctor look extremely unhealthy? HELLO??? Most things are cured or preventable with the 90 Essential Nutrients.

The hotter the doctor the worse off they are. In the medical industry all the hot girls get passed along to be devoured by older men. They can skip work a ton and don’t have to worry about repercussions or loosing their job due to vanity. Awesome! Got hit on by a VA doc so hard once I could believe how emotionally weak and insecure these mislead souls were. If there is life after death doctors and the like are looking at some hard times in truthville. Va doctors are nothing more than miseducated cereal killers and full blow treason terrorists.

Sioux Falls VA is suppose to be the best in the county. I can tell you for a FACT that it’s nothing more than a murder factory. Any political figures and rich business men supporting the VA are wicked men ripe for a harvest. If African children die at a young age why should these people feel a little hell before leaving the flesh.

Hospitals are some of the most wicked places on earth. They are hell bent on making money and will go to any length to cover up any wrong doings. Sioux Falls Avera and Staford are death traps that cause accidental harm to people every day, but theirs nothing you can do about it. Why do we have lawas that protect killers? When did we stop killing killers? Why don’t these doctors sit in an electric chair? Because the United States of America is a huge murder factory pushing reproduction and profiting off the death of US citizens like any other business, it’s just for money.

I hope someone grabs all the people responsible so we can hold the worlds biggest Nuremberg Trial. Nothing would build morale better for a new world than watch the looks on the faces of the worse folk get what they have coming.

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