May 052016

Walmart Military Poison Food Water Terrorism Cereal KillersWalmart is responsible for supplying the US with most of it’s food needs. The sad part is that most of the food is poisoned to create more revenue for the pharmacy. So if you shop at Walmart then you can almost guarantee that you are a loved one is gonna need some medical attention. Luckily, it legal to kill, murder and commit horrible cereal killer type crimes if you have a Harvard degree.

If you have ever drank out of a good water filter than you would know that Walmart adds fluoride acid to  the for extra dumbed down employees and dumber customers. I had drank out of the same fountain for years, nothing too much, just a cold refreshing drink. After getting the outdated Propur I took a drank out of the same fountain. My tongue burned so bad I had to spit the water out. My body wouldn’t even let me consume it.


Most stores are fitted with nice facial recognizing camera, combine that with the huge military like database control centers build into some of them it looks like these stores are front for military complex.  With the recent closing of a few stores it looks like they’ll be going live soon. Probably for the big WW3 event suppose to take place 2016 when Obama and his satan worshipers try to kill everyone in America.

Facial recognition is a scary thing these days especially when you take into a count all the missing kids. Walmart has a habit of hanging up missing kid pictures. That’s funny cause I hear some kids are worth upwards of $500,000 on the child trafficking market. I don’t doubt for a second that when you walk into a store they have a nice block around you head with everything from threat level to you pulse. Why not map out childrens bodies and steal them from there families at a latter date to feed the perverted politicians or maybe get shipped all the way to the queen of England for consumption/satanic offering since the fact their child molesters is all over the news.


According to basic law in the United States the pharmacy is 100% illegal because of how it uses man made treatments meant to profit long term of cheap cures. This in turn makes probably most doctors, teachers and others related to the greedy murder pit a terrorist to life itself. From the lowest person in school to the high up medical business leader they should all not be surprised to have a world wide flash of negativity happen to them. I’m definitely not the only one who is aware of these acts and I don’t even have a gun. I can just imagine how close other people are to bypassing useless law and starting something new.


Walmart goes to the extra length to hide anything healthy. Have you ever seen a ripe avocado in the store? Nope, there all almost rotten fresh off the truck. I would guess these guys drives trucks through giant microwaves to kill any nutrition that might be left. Someone did investigating and found out that the food at Walmart has no life inside of it and is practically void of most nutrition when compared to healthy home grown non gmo.

Lots of their food is loaded with intentional harm so they can rake in cash in the pharmacy and help bring down America for easier slave control. Many of the Great Value ingredients have been banned or made illegal else where. You can bet that the leaders of this giant food kill machine are working hand in hand with your local hospitals to create revenue over $500 plate dinners.

They put very limited amount of vitamins and minerals in most food, but most important baby food. It’s bad enough all these girl are having kids like rampant, but then they think a jar of baby food is a meal when it’s no where close. Poison gmo with void of nutrition equals after birth effect like autism and extremely lower IQ. I would have to assume many kids born around now are probably the stupidest to walk the earth being taking care of by knowledge female, then mass injected with murder vaccines and mommy didn’t teach you much meal time.

The funny thing is BHT and other ingredients have be recently added to cereal making Walmart the most defined definition of a cereal killer. Must be a really funny joke with elite behind the scenes.


The sad part about kids being abducted by US military of Walmart CEO’s is that they probably end up making product for the cereal killer chain while being would like a cheap slave in another country. There are 2 reasons why there prices are so low. 1. They use slave labor from other countries to build cheap products. Working conditions are so bad that if you understood it personally you would probably burn down the local store if military doesn’t stop you first. 2. Made to break for resale value. Garbage and trash quality will have you back in the store for another. Cookware is notorious for melting on things adding more poison to the food.

Everything they sell is meant to make money somewhere e4lse in the store. For instance the only computer monitor they have sold at my local mart for the last 6+ years is an ACER that’s so bright it will burn your eyes out. You’ll need dimmer software for proper viewing its so bad. This is meant to create revenue in the optics department along with selling a few meds I’m sure. Just call the medical leaders in your city and let them know “You have a ton more business coming your way”

Legal or Magic

ITS ALL LEGAL, which means simple math states that law makers and politicians are doing horrible things all in the name of cash. The constitution mixed with currently terrorist laws says we the American people can detain and disappear ALL of these individuals. How many slaps on the hand would you give a cereal killer, one sound like too many. Though I’m sure many employees are clueless many are not and probably have a nice hole build somewhere, hope it’s water and earthquake proof cause if your scared of revelation you should be cause your the target. African people live horrible live only to die young with nothing. Taking everything these people have and erasing them from earth doesn’t seem to far fetched.


The fact that all these things exit show that there is NO LAW only power of force, fear, control, perversion and who knows what else. If there is a purge expect America to be devastated because we seem to be the worst on the planet along with the only ones who can change the problem. If we the people had military equipment and political leader support these horrific behavior would have been gone along time ago. I hope someday we get to burn all the wicked men with bright truth. Until then I would stock and hide food and ammo, then be prepare to fight like the civil war.

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