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Why Life May Seems So Horrible & Full of Wicked EverywhereLife for most people these days is probably full of problems from health to financial. The main problems is flat out the leaders of politics and business owners. These sub human flesh bag use greed to fuel their desires and perversion while paying no heed to those around them. To each his own, but be prepared for the consequences.

The world is full of things like how to prevent all birth defects with the 90 Essential Nutrients and free energy, yet we have all these rich old timers standing in the way of a 10x smarter generation. If there is a purge 2016, rich people property will probably burn to the ground so we can build things back up the right way and not the me me me way.

Google/CIA/US Government/Mass Murder Machine

Google IS NOT a business it’s the government!!! Though Google offers tons of information on different subjects it’s main goal it seems is to control what people think for a long term hidden agenda. I look at Google leaders and high ranking employees as United States Government personnel working as a proxy shield to fool the public. Example: Sergey Brin’s Google Glasses are military tech in training being tested on the public, not some random product to satisfy an inventors delight.

They use there Google Maps as an accuse to steal as much information as possible while driving around your home and business from passwords on computers to all your pictures and personal information. This should be a shock though as Microsoft has been stealing all your information s since Windows could connect tot he internet.

Google bubbles are out of control and doing a good job of hiding the truth from everyone. Thanks to the bubble it’s now the difference between find a natural cure for pennies are going to the doctor and be legally murdered with treatment for hundred of thousands of dollars.

One of the main purposes of bubble is to dominate the idea around the world. They use traffic to pay different government sleeper cells laying in wait for whatever objective they’ve been trained for. YouTubers with tons of subscribers are CIA and secret government type propaganda machines. The only way to get a high subscribers count is to sell your soul to Google and KEEP YOU MOUTH SHUT!!! Try to help people by pointing out some hard hitting truth and they will penalty you. Notice how all these guy have the same bubbly Google attitude, that’s because Google ass is huge and all their heads are up it.

Google targets keywords in the search engine to make it harder to find information. Example: Looking for information on Google Bubble? You wont find it that easy because Google invented the Bubble level which changes your screen. Perfect for copying keyword to outrank important ones with useless information. The internet is full of stuff like this to make sure that truthful helpful info is hidden so money can be made and a system of control better put in place. You might be able to avoid the bubble permanently/partially by using this information.


With the amount of natural cures available like the Mighty 90 which prevents all birth defects most doctors getting out of school and working hard to pay off student loans probably doesn’t realize they fit the profile of a serial killer perfectly. The funny thing they are starting to require ID check when going into a hospital. How about we check doctors success rate in the office so we see their murderous hocus-pocus practice stats of how many people a doctor murdered this week with man made pharmaceuticals for something with a known cure.

Why are these doctors not in jail or extincted. Who is the leader of these wicked blind misled hard drives bent on making money? Funny how their in the so called business of life when what they do is avoid better care because it make less cash. One of the biggest example of terrorism I am aware of. If there was a cleanse coming I would be surprise to see entire cities/schools of BS educated quacks get wiped off the map. If you want stop because your making money, then someone should stop. And if the law want do someone should stop the law.

How to be a cereal killer legally, get a medical degree.

Law Enforcement

Mentally handicap dogs on leashes with a license to kill, sounds extremely effective for… hurting people for no reason. Though many law enforcement officers may feel like there doing the right thing they are merely upholding laws made by men in control so that the giant money making scheme can keep going forward. I you wanted to be someone tools a cop is probably the best job for you, now you can legally sexually harass men and woman in public along with never getting caught for a crime.

Sheriff and FBI are the absolute worse. They get payed just enough to build those egos up through the roof and man do these guy like to push folks around like bullies. These are some of the worse people I have ever met in my life. Live by the sword die by the sword is an old saying that goes hand in hand with the law. When a cop gets shot they probably deserved it as law is not just or fair, but profitable which equals terrorism and treason. Just taking order right?

After 2001 9-1 events where tons of FBI were intentionally killed as first responders in the tower collapse we can probably expect worse next time. Everyone wants to fit in somewhere, but you’ll probably end up going to a government scheduled meeting, then the building falls in its own footprint 2016, everyone feels it coming and they said it needed to be bigger.


Politicians are some of the worse leaders on the planet luckily they don’t do much for themselves because if they worked harder for the people who they lied to for there political position a shadow government would kill them. Backroom deals and full blow treason across the board. I bet if you heard these guys in there regular voice it would be hate, disgust and a true carelessness for those “below” them.

I love how they walk around with their gray hair thinking “I”m old, smart and rich”. No, gray hair is a copper deficiency and your more likely to die from health problems soon, then that takes smart off the list. How did you get so much money? Doing anything for money which is a satanic chant. Congratulation US politicians, you are the flesh representation of lucifturd and baalteebag. I guess you guys all have the gray hair because everyone who knows doesn’t like your type and hopes you do die soon with the hopes someone helpful might take your place who’s not a anti-life greed monster.


Elections are all rigged especially the presidential election with electronic voting and all on the same team running. If you call your self a democrat or republican your doing what others tell you to fit in, how about do the right thing and always do better, we’ll call it notdemrep. The world gets in a fuss over who the years new president might be, but the whole system is rigged. Anyone going with people and paying lots of attention to elections is wasting their time. Those are rich people putting on a show for the slaves, prisoners, hosts and what ever derogatory terms they have for citizens.


So why doesn’t some take all these people down and put them in jail. Because they already filled you grocery shelves with poison and your dumbed down to the point of uselessness. They are putting all kinds of intentional harming chemicals and ingredients in food to boost revenue in the medical industry and make America easier to dominate. If I put these in anyone food listen in the post I would probably spent my life in prison. That kind of creates a feeling a helplessness follow by a “Why aren’t these people dead or in jail?”.

In the old days people removed wicked that came into town, now days you invite wicked into your homes so that it may feast on your family. Countries are getting ready to mass kill their population in a WW3 event like Nazi Germany concentration camps aside from these gas showers you already take. Most of your leaders are probably hoping to keep their mouth shut and survive the whole deal while earning rank among the rich by murdering many slaves/civilians.

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