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Wordathon Wiki GuideA Wordathon Wiki with Guides and and other good stuff which can be updated daily depending on popularity. Wordathon is a word game developed by BlackLight Studio Works and is available for Android and iOS.

Wordathon Wiki Guide


Basic – Find as many words as you can. There will be a checklist at the bottom where things that are found will be added to it. Longer and more complicated words are worth more points along with making complete squares.

Two-in-One – The same as basic only tiles can have 2 letters instead of one. Things can be a bit of an obstacles illusion when going backwards, but you’ll get used to it pretty quick.

Starts With – Certain tiles will have 2 letters on them that will have to be used at the beginning of a word.

Ends With – Some tiles will have to 2 letter that have to be used at the end of a word.

How To Play

Swipe your finger in any direction to make a work. The tiles have to be connected on the sides or corners. Remember that “s” can be added to most words for a whole new word. To pause the game simply tap the score icon i the top left corner while playing. Each game last for 5 minutes.

Scoring Points

1 – A E I L N O R S T U

2 – D G

3 – B C M P

4 – F H V W Y

5 – K

8 – J X

10 – Q Z


A very fun game that does not require an internet connection, though you’ll need it to look up definitions. Choose from 4 different play modes to satisfy your wordy needs.

Compete with friends and complete strangers for high scores on different boards. Has Parental Control for kids when it comes to removing a bad list of things you probably don’t want them spelling, some of which I question why there in the app in the first place. They could just as easily turn it on themselves though which kind of defeats the purpose.

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